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This is popular in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. it is ideal for powders with poor flow characteristics. The solid inner rod keeps the samples separate. 

1. Insert the sampler into the product.  
2. At the required depth rotate handle to expose the collecting pockets.
3. Rotate the sampler through 360° so the product is pushed into the collecting pockets.
4. Rotate handle to close pockets and remove sampler.

*Note - additional tips, cleaning brush and transport case also available

Part NumberModelLengthVolumeNumber of Sampling PointsMaterial
SS-2220B-600Cohesive Pocket Sampler600 mm 15ml316L stainless steel
SS-2220B-900Cohesive Pocket Sampler900 mm20ml316L stainless steel
SS-2220B-1500Cohesive Pocket Sampler1500 mm 20ml5316L stainless steel
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
600mm - Cohesive Pocket Sampler 600mm - Cohesive Pocket Sampler
$ 0.00
1000mm - Cohesive Pocket Sampler 1000mm - Cohesive Pocket Sampler
$ 0.00
1500mm - Cohesive Pocket Sampler 1500mm - Cohesive Pocket Sampler
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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