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Designed with a large LCD Display and six instructional menu buttons, AB23PH is a simple and straightforward pH meter. Auto buffer recognition and 3-point calibration capability ensures a reliable calibration result. Stand-alone holder increases the flexibility for routine experiments, and makes AB23PH a perfect space saving bench meter for your lab. A 99-item memory for pH measurements ensures efficient data documentation.

Part NumberModelIncludes
OH-30589820AB23PH-B- AB23PH Benchtop Meter
- Stand-Alone Electrode Holder
OH-30589821AB23PH-F- AB23PH-B Content
- ST320 pH Electrode
- pH Buffer Mini Kits (4 × 50mL)
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
AB23PH-B - Aquasearcher™ AB23PH Bench Meter
$ 0.00
AB23PH-F - Aquasearcher™ AB23PH Bench Meter
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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