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• For removal of low to high molecular weight contaminants and colour
• High iodine and broad pore structure
• Less frequent changeouts = cost effective
• Use BC/CNS-8X30 or BC/CNS-1240 in liquid phase applications where low pressure drop is required or where sediments are very high
• Packaged in 55 lbs Bags, Totes & Drums


Industry Solutions

• Municipal Water Treatment for Potable Water Application

• Environmental Water Treatment for Meet Regulatory Standards & Water treatment in the most Economical Procedure for Pump & Treat Systems

• Residential Point of Use for Providing the Cleanest Water Possible  for Homes & Commercial Use

• Industrial Process for an Effective Purification in Manufacturing Processes

• Food & Beverage for Removal of Impurities and for Removing Color from Food Products

• Metal Recovery for Separating Valuable Materials


Many Sizes Available

8x30, 12x40 & Powder

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Default Title - Water Treatment Activated Carbon Media Default Title - Water Treatment Activated Carbon Media
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