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Fluoride containing effluents which are treated with lime still contain about 8 ppm of fluoride. This level is not acceptable to most pollution boards and further treatment is required.  Moreover some natural waters contain too much fluoride for drinking purposes and also many people wish to remove the municipality-added fluoride from their water.  Activated alumina is known to adsorb fluoride efficiently at these low levels and Alcan Chemicals is offering a superior product with good adsorption capacity and long life.

the adsorbent needs only to be contacted for 1 h with 29 g/L aluminum sulfate (AL2(SO4)3·18H2O) solution and is ready for use. 

Easy To Use
The feed solution is simply pumped through the bed, to yield an effluent containing less than 1 ppm fluoride.

Highly Adsorbent 
AA-400G Fluorograde is able to adsorb as much as 1.4 g fluoride per 100 g alumina.
For example, a 10 kg unit will keep a stream containing 8 ppm F with 120L/h flow rate virtually free of F for 6 days without risking fluoride break-through.

Because of its high adsorption capacity, a unit will be operative for a longer time before change out

Easy To Regenerate
Once saturated, the alumina bed can be regenerated by following three simple steps:
• Neutralization with 1% NaOH
Rinse with H2O
Reactivation with 0.05 N H2SO4

ConstituentsWeight %
Soda as Na₂O0.35
Iron as Fe₂O₃0.015
Silicon as SiO₂0.02
Titanium as TiO0.002
Loss on Ignition5.5 - 8.0
ConstituentsWeight %
Bulk Density (g/cm³)0.77
Specific Surface Area (m²/g)300 - 380
Pore Volume (cm³/g)0.44
Static water adsorption (%¹)19 - 22









Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
ActiGuard AA-400G - Activated Alumina for Fluoride Removal ActiGuard AA-400G - Activated Alumina for Fluoride Removal
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