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 ActiGuard AAFS50 is activated alumina promoted with a proprietary additive. This combination has been engineered for enhanced arsenic removal from water. AAFS50 has shown arsenic capacities of up to five times greater than unprompted activated alumina.

Arsenic commonly occurs in two forms: As(V) (arsenate) and As(III) (arsenite). Maximum arsenic capacity is achieved when dealing with As(V).

AAFS50’s capacity for As(III) adsorption is about 60%-70%its capacity for As(V). Oxidation is recommended to assist with As(III) removal, when possible. For example, simple chlorination may achieve 30-40% higher As(III) capacities than non-oxidized systems.

ActiGuard AAFS50 can be effective at a wide range of pH levels depending on the competing ions present. Where high levels of silica are present, along with a pH level higher than 7.0, an adjustment may be necessary for optimum results.

The performance of any adsorbent is dependent on the water being treated. The data provided is for guideline purposes only. Users are advised to check performance prior to their adoption into a system.

Certified to ANSI NSF61.
Passed U.S. EPA TCLP (Total Characteristic Leaching Procedure)

ConstituentsWeight %
Al₂O₃ + proprietary additive83
Silicon as SiO₂0.020
Titanium as TiO₂0.002
Loss on Ignition17
ConstituentsWeight %
Bulk Density (g/cm3)0.91
BET Area (m²/g)220
Attrition (%)0.3

















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ActiGuard AAFS50 - Activated Alumina for Arsenic Removal ActiGuard AAFS50 - Activated Alumina for Arsenic Removal
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