Bootstrap Example

Utility Dippers are designed to be very robust and they can be quickly dismantled for cleaning. The sampler is available in three sizes. Utility Dippers are made from chemically resistant 316L stainless steel.

1. Push the sampler into the liquid   
2. The liquid will flow through the sampler   
3. At the required depth push down the handle and retract the sampler 

Part NumberVolumeLengthDiameterMaterial
SS-5170A-5050ml490mm32mm316L stainless steel
SS-5170A-100100ml570mm32mm316L stainless steel
SS-5170A-520250ml570mm51mm316L stainless steel
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
50ml - Utility Dipper - Liquid Sampler
$ 0.00
100ml - Utility Dipper - Liquid Sampler
$ 0.00
250ml - Utility Dipper - Liquid Sampler
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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