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Features & Benefits
• Measure aerosol concentrations corresponding to PM1, PM2.5, respirable, or PM10 size fractions
• Lightweight and portable
• Manual and programmable data logging functions
• Single point data logging capability
• Handheld unit
• Aerosol concentration range 0.001 to 150 mg/m3

• Industrial/occupational hygiene surveys
• Indoor air quality investigations
• Point source location monitoring
• Baseline trending and screening
• Engineering control evaluations

Part NumberDescriptionIncludes
TSI-8532Dustrak™II Aerosol Monitor 8532Carrying case, rechargeable 3600 mAH Li-Ion Battery, switching power supply with universal line cords, TrakPro™ data analysis software CD, zero filter, USB (Device & Host) computer cables, inlet cap (x2), 10-mm Nylon Dorr-Oliver Cyclone, impactor kit (with PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 impactors), impactor plates (x2) & impactor oil, sample extension tube (3 ft / 1 m), Sheath Air HEPA filters (x8), filter removal tool, screwdriver, operation service manual, calibration certificate and 2 year warranty
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
DustTrak™ II - DustTrak™ II Aerosol Monitor 8532 DustTrak™ II - DustTrak™ II Aerosol Monitor 8532
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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