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The Zefon® A6 Impactor sampler is an exact replica of the popular Andersen N-6 single stage impactor. The Zefon® A6 impactor is an aluminum device consisting of a top inlet "cone", a sampling head impactor stage which contains 400 precision drilled holes and a base section, which holds the agar media. The sampler is held together by three spring clamps and sealed with two o-ring gaskets. When air is drawn through the sampler, multiple jets of air direct any airborne particles toward the surface of the agar collection media surface where the particles are impacted and collected. The agar collection media is then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

• Flow rate: 28.3 LPM (1 ACFM)
• Particle size cut point: 0.65 μm
• Sampler size: 4.25" diameter, 2.87" height, 1.23 lbs weight
• Material: aircraft grade aluminum
• Uses 100 mm x 15 mm petri dishes
• Certifications: meets NIOSH method 0800 & 0801 requirements 

• Zefon® A6 Impactor
• Pump flow meter
• 1/4" I.D. tubing
• Tripod stand
• Carrying case

Part NumberDescriptionPower Source
ZE-Z-A6Zefon® A6 Impactor Only120V
ZE-ZHV00-A6-KITZefon® A6 Impactor Kit120V
ZE-Z-A6-CALAdapter For "In-Line" Impactor Calibration
ZE-ZA0043Zefon® Heavy Duty Tripod Stand For Zefon® A6 Impactor
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
A6 Impactor Only - Zefon® A6 Impactor A6 Impactor Only - Zefon® A6 Impactor
$ 0.00
A6 Impactor Kit - Zefon® A6 Impactor A6 Impactor Kit - Zefon® A6 Impactor
$ 0.00
Adapter For Adapter For "In Line" Impactor Calibration - Zefon® A6 Impactor
$ 0.00
Tripod Stand - Zefon® A6 Impactor Tripod Stand - Zefon® A6 Impactor
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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