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The Zefon® Field Rotameters feature a durable acrylic housing with direct reading scales printed on them. Available in three different flow ranges covering a range of 0.2 through 30 LPM. Operation and maintenance are very simple; only a few common sense precautions must be observed to assure long, trouble-free service.

• Scales are large (average 4" length) and easy to read
• The direct reading scales are hot stamped into the plastic and will not wear off
• Mid-range calibration is established with a master flowmeter, providing an accuracy of ±3%

• Zefon® Non-Adjustable Field Rotameter (low, medium or high)
• Tygon® tubing
• Hose barb
• Luer adapter

Part NumberModelFlow Rate
ZE-116116Zefon® Non-Adjustable Low Flow Field Rotameter0 - 4 LPM
ZE-195380Zefon® Non-Adjustable Medium Flow Field Rotameter1 - 20 LPM
ZE-195505Zefon® Non-Adjustable High Flow Field Rotameter3 - 30 LPM
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Low Flow - Zefon® Non-Adjustable Field Rotameter
$ 0.00
Medium Flow - Zefon® Non-Adjustable Field Rotameter
$ 0.00
High Flow - Zefon® Non-Adjustable Field Rotameter
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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