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The Zefon® Via-Cell® bioaerosol sampling cassette is designed to collect both viable and non-viable bioaerosols, maintain viability of the viable mold spores and prevent growth during transport to the laboratory. Simply connect it to any pump calibrated to 15 LPM and run your sample. The key to the Via-Cell® is that the media used for collection maintains viability of spores and allows several analysis options.

Culturable Sampling
The Zefon® Via-Cell® sampler is the perfect tool for collecting viable organisms and culturing them on agar plates. Simply dilute the media in sterile water and transfer to a culture plate.

PCR Analysis
The Zefon® Via-Cell® utilizes a water soluble collection media which is ideal for PCR and other chemical types of analysis. Once the sample is diluted in water, it can be transferred most anywhere.

Direct Microscopy
Samples collected using the Zefon® Via-Cell® sampler may be "pre-screened" using direct microscopy methods, which allows the analyst to decide if additional analysis techniques are needed, which may include culturing or standard direct microscopy analysis.

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