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Patented electronic
laminar flow control.

Internal secondary standard
calibrates the pump
continuously for compliance
with OSHA 3058.

Check against a primary
standard only once a month
or every 200 hours for coal
mine dust sampling.

Inlet filter traps moisture
and particular matter.

Stainless steel-filled plastic
case provides EMI/RFI

Rated IP66 for resistance to

water and dust ingress.

Exceptionally quiet operation.

Flow-Fault Indicator shows
  any sample inlet blockage.

Run/Hold feature allows
  “time out” during sampling

Elapsed time readout and
   low-battery warning.

Low flow and dual tube
   sampling available with
   Gemini Twin-Port Sampler


Competitive Advantages


• Patented “Laminar Flow” control permits the best accuracy in the business
• Requires calibration only once per month or once every 200 hours for MSHA applications.
• “Key Pad” design allows adjustment of flow rates without tools or a potentiometer.
• Lightweight – only 23 ounces.
• Very durable design.
• Extremely easy to use.
• Resolution display is .1 lpm in standard mode, .01 lpm in calibration mode.
• 3 gaskets provide superior protection against water and dust ingress.
• Tamper-resistant door restricts access to adjustment keys.
• Designed for use with many different sampling accessories.



Escort ELF Sampling Pumps are UL approved as intrinsically safe
for use in hazardous locations – Class I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II,
Groups E, F, and G; and Class III, Division I locations. NIOSH certified
for coal mine dust sampling (TC-74-030). MSHA certifi ed as
intrinsically safe for underground use (Approval No. 2G-3924-1).
ATEX approved LOM 11ATEX2041 (select models). Pennsylvania DEP
#BFE 6-11.

Escort ELF Specifications

Operating Flow Control
Volumetric flow rate held within ± 2.5% of set-point
over the 1-to-3 lpm operating range (± 5% to 0.5
lpm), with automatic compensation for battery
voltage, altitude, temperature and sample load

Flow Rate
Flow rate adjustable between 0.5 and 3 lpm; lower
flow rates attainable (to 1 mlpm) with optional
Gemini Twin-Port Sampling accessory.

Flow Indication
Liquid Crystal Display provides 0.01 lpm resolution.

Operating Range
30 inches of water load up to 2 lpm and 10 inches
up to 3 lpm.

Flow Blockage Detection
Flow-Fault LED comes on immediately when
block is detected. Pump shuts down within 90
seconds if block is not cleared.

Elapsed Time Readout
To 999 minutes in increments of 1 minute. Holds
the last reading after either flow blockage or low
battery shutdown and when pump is off or in hold

Operating Time
Varies with flow rate and sampling
device loading.

Operating Temperature Limits
32° - 113°F (0° - 45°C).

Physical Weight
23 oz. (652 gm), with battery pack.

2.25” D x 4.25” H x 4” W
(5.7 cm x 10.8 cm x 10.2 cm), with battery pack.

Power Supply
4.8-volt battery pack of four nickel metal hydride cells.

Battery Pack Capacity
2.8 amp hours

Battery Pack Recharge Time
14-16 hours (overnight) with Omega™ Charger.

Typical Battery Pack Life
300 or more charging cycles

CALIBRATION DEVICES :- The calibration of a sampling pump
is critical to the quality of samples taken. Calibration determines that
the flow rate of air through the pump is accurate, within specifi ed limits,
usually ± 5%. A primary calibration device, the DigiCal™ Calibrator
provides instantaneous calibration for instruments like the Zefon Escort LC
Pump or the secondary flow standard inside the Escort ELF Sampling

Just press the plunger and the Digi- Cal Calibrator does the work. Its unique flow cell replaces conventional bubble
tubes and makes calibration easier. The DigiCal Calibrator achieves extreme
accuracy by utilizing a computerized flow meter that provides instantaneous
flow readouts on a digital display. Accurate measurements are possible within
±0.5% at any altitude.


Gemini® Twin-Port Sampler
For low-flow control when sorbent
tubes are used, the patented Gemini
Twin-Port Sampler is a valved mechanism
that allows flow adjustment
down to 1 mlpm (0.001 lpm to 600
mlpm total between both tubes).
U.S. Patent No. 5,370,004. As an
added benefit, the Gemini accessory
permits simultaneous sampling from
sorbent tubes, with independently
controlled flow rates of each. Dual
sampling means two like sorbent
tubes can be attached for simultaneous sampling at different flow rates, or
two different tubes can be used to sample two types of substances at once.



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