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The spiral position of the pockets give superior sampling results. This means the bottom pocket opens and fills first giving a more representative sample. The sampler is particularly suited for larger powders, granule and grain sampling. This can be from IBC, kegs, silos, railway trucks, ships and almost all applications The lightweight aluminium construction means even the long samplers are easy to operate and handle. The tip is fixed permanently so it can not be lost.


• Aluminium
• Robust Construction
• Available from stock. Fast delivery worldwide
• Large Volume

Part NumberModelLengthDiameterSampling Points
1942A-1000Grain Spear1000 mm35 mm4
1942A-1500Grain Spear1500 mm35 mm6
1942A-2000     Grain Spear2000 mm35 mm8
1942A-2500Grain Spear2500 mm35 mm10
1942A-3000Grain Spear3000 mm35 mm12
1942H-35Heavy Duty Handle for 35mm Diameter Grain Spear     -35 mm-     
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
1000 mm Grain Spear - Grain Spear
$ 0.00
1500 mm Grain Spear - Grain Spear
$ 0.00
2000 mm Grain Spear - Grain Spear
$ 0.00
2500 mm Grain Spear - Grain Spear
$ 0.00
3000 mm Grain Spear - Grain Spear
$ 0.00
35 mm Handle - Grain Spear
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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