Bootstrap Example

Various sized chambers can be quickly attached to the same handle to allow different sample volumes to be taken - 100, 150 and 200ml. Extension rods can be added to take very deep samples if required.
The heavy duty handle and extension rods have been designed to be extremely strong and robust to allow samples to be taken from depths up to 6m (after about 6m the sampler gets heavy).

Part NumberModelLengthVolumeMaterial
SS-1035A-1000Sleeve Sampler Handle1000mm-316L ss
SS-1035A-1500Sleeve Sampler Handle1500mm-316L ss
SS-1035E-1000Handle Extension1000mm-316L ss
SS-1035T-100Sample Chamber190mm100ml316L ss
SS-1035T-150Sample Chamber260mm150ml316L ss
SS-1035T-200Sampler Chamber310mm200ml316L ss
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Sleeve Sampler Handle - 1000mm - Sleeve Sampler
$ 0.00
Sleeve Sampler Handle - 1500mm - Sleeve Sampler
$ 0.00
Handle Extension - 1000mm - Sleeve Sampler
$ 0.00
Sample Chamber - 100ml - Sleeve Sampler
$ 0.00
Sample Chamber - 150ml - Sleeve Sampler
$ 0.00
Sample Chamber - 200ml - Sleeve Sampler
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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