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Ezyflow™ peristaltic water sampling pump can be used for various environmental operations, such as groundwater sampling and well purging. It’s developed especially for bringing the advantages to low flow sampling and sites that require portable water sampling pumps. It comes with a metal case with a convenient handle. Ezyflow™ pump has a flow rate up to 1.7 lpm.

The maximum lift of Ezyflow™ groundwater sampling equipment is around 26 feet at sea level. However, it will decrease when you increase elevation. So, while using the groundwater sampling pump, make sure the water level isn’t below its lift capabilities.

During operation, water samples don’t come in contact with any of the Ezyflow™ pump components except the tubing. The tubing is easy to clean and replace, thus the equipment requires low maintenance.

• Small compact design
• Robust and easy to carry case
• Illuminated "ON/OFF” indicator
• Speed control from low to high speeds
• Reversible flow and prime/purge function
• Suitable for various liquids 
• Samples from depths of up to 26 ft (7.9 m)
• Supporting various tube material for transferring different liquids
• IP54-rated control panel protects against inclement weather and splashing water
• Easy top plate charging station
• Rechargeable battery - ideal for field applications

• Model: EzyFlow™ Water Sampling Pump
• Type: Peristaltic with easy to load system
• Flow Range: 0 - 1740 ml/min
• Max. Speed: 600 RPM
• Variable Speed: Manual control knob
• Pump Head: Quick connect EzyFlow™
• Motor: 12V DC
• Power: 115/230V AC
• Tubing Sizes: 15 & 24
• Drive IP Rating / Weather Proof: IP54
• Dimensions: 17.5" L x 8" W x 8.5" H

*Other LDPE & HDPE tubing sizes & lengths also available

Tubing MaterialSiliconeSilicone
Tubing Size3/8" O.D. x 3/16" I.D.0.44'' O.D. x 1/4'' I.D
Part NumberDescriptionPump HeadMotorTubeFlow RangeMax. SpeedQuantity
EZ-65-000EzyFlow™ Water Sampling PumpEzyflow™12V DC15 or 240 - 1740 ml/min.600 RPMEach
Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
EZ-15-253/8'' O.D. x 3/16'' I.D. Translucent Silicone Peroxide Cure Tubing25 ft/Roll
EZ-24-250.44'' O.D. x 1/4'' I.D Translucent Silicone Peroxide Cure Tubing25 ft/Roll
WA-1/4-LDPE-1001/4'' O.D. x 0.17'' I.D. LDPE Tubing100 ft/Roll
WA-1/4-HDPE-1001/4'' O.D. x 0.17'' I.D. HDPE Tubing100 ft/Rol

What Are Peristaltic Water Sampling Pumps & How do They Work?

Peristaltic pumps provide great pumping solutions, and are perfect for corrosive, viscous fluids. Due to seal-less design, they can help address issues such as leakage of corrosive chemicals. Peristaltic pumps are low maintenance water sampling equipment - the only replacement parts are tubes. These pumps/well water samplers are reversible, thus you can use them for clearing any blockages to ensure continuous operation.

A peristaltic water sampling pump contains a series of rollers and a tube that runs through them. The rollers apply pressure on the tube, creating the vacuum and forcing the water to come in for purging or sampling purposes. The higher the speed of the rollers, the greater volume of water will be pumped out. During operation, at least one roller closes the tubing, which eliminates the need of valves.

Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Ezyflow™ - Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump Ezyflow™ - Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump
$2,195.00 CAD $ 0.00
0.18 0.18" I.D. Tube - Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump
$ 0.00
0.25 0.25" I.D. Tube - Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump
$ 0.00
LDPE Tubing - Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump LDPE Tubing - Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump
$ 0.00
HDPE Tubing - Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump HDPE Tubing - Ezyflow™ Water Sampling Pump
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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