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• Sterile
• Leak-proof with unique metal closure system
• Made from a special super tough grade of LDPE
• Complies with FDA, USDA and HACCP guidelines
• Pyrogens, R-Nase and D-Nase free
• Suitable between 80°C to -100°C (176°F to -148°F)

Sterile by Manufacture 
The polyethylene tube extrusion process occurs at temperatures of between 220°C and 240°C (428°F to 464°F) which ensures their internal sterility. The bags have consistently and successfully tested for sterility after 5 years of shelf life. 

• Tear off top of bag along the perforation
• Use pull-tabs to pull open the bag
• Place sample in bag
• Hold bag by wire ends and twirl 3 to 4 times to close, fold wire ends inward onto bag 

Part NumberVolumeLengthWidthSterileQuantity
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
400ml - PureBag - Stand Up 400ml - PureBag - Stand Up
$ 0.00
600ml - PureBag - Stand Up 600ml - PureBag - Stand Up
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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