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The TransPac® limits worker exposure, offers quick-and-easy installation, reduces clean out costs and requires minimal storage space. Customized options include multiple spouts, open top, open end and a patented zipper closure. The standard TransPac® is constructed of a woven polymeric fabric and can be designed to handle asbestos, high-heat materials, powders and odorous materials.

• Asbestos
• Powders
• Odorous Materials
• High Heat Applications
• Metal Shavings and Sludges

• Patented zipper closure makes installation quick and easy
• Prevents discharge of airborne dust
• May be lined for wet applications
• Spouted TransPac can be loaded by vacuum or gravity feed systems

• Labor and cost savings over smaller waste packaging
• E-Z Installation
• Storage savings
• Increased loading speed
• Helps in odor reduction­­

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Default Title - TransPac® Large Container Industrial Waste Bags Default Title - TransPac® Large Container Industrial Waste Bags
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