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UltraSorber™ AMMO-Carb™ is coal based activated carbon in pelletized or extruded form. The amount of phosphoric impregnation shall be no less than 7% by weight on the media. UltraSorber™ AMMO-Carb™ is designed for vapor phase applications.

• High quality carbon
• Extraordinary surface area
• Fine pore structure
• High density
• Superior hardness
• Sold in bags, drums, and super sacs

• Paper industry
• Food industry
• Biogas industry
• Process and wastewater treatment industry

Contaminants Removed
• Ammonia
• Urea

Part NumberMeshDensityHardnessIodineMoisture
AMMO-Carb4 mm36-38 lb/ft398%1100 - 1200 mg/gm3%
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
4 mm Mesh - UltraSorber™ AMMO-Carb™ 4 mm Mesh - UltraSorber™ AMMO-Carb™
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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