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The UltraSorber™ CannaSorb™ is a proprietary blend of selective media for odor and volatile organic compounds (VOC) removal. This media is successful at removing terpenoids and terpenes from vapor phase. Terpenoids and terpenes are large organic compounds produced by cannabis plants. The UltraSorber™ CannaSorb™ is commonly found in the final product handling rooms such as the curing/drying, cutting/deflowering, extraction, and packaging rooms. At the final product handling rooms the odors described as floral, fruity, pungent, or even skunky are strongest.

• Does not promote bacterial or mold growth
• Designed specifically for cannabis grow houses, but can be used in indoor cultivation facilities.
• Sold one cubic foot boxes (33 lbs/box), drums, or supersacks

• Curing/drying rooms
• Cutting/deflowering rooms
• Extraction and packaging rooms

Contaminants Removed
• Terpenoids
• Terpenes
• Limonene
• Pinene 
• Fertilizer VOC

Part NumberMeshCCI4DensityHardness
CannaSorb4 x 86032-34 lb/ft395%
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
4 x 8 Mesh - UltraSorber™ CannaSorb™ 4 x 8 Mesh - UltraSorber™ CannaSorb™
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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