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Differential static pressure across filters will cause differential contaminent accumulation in the media. Ultravent™ reversible carbon filter is the only filter to offer a solution with the twist lock flange and end cap allowing to reverse the filter and equalize contaminent distribution in the media.

Most cylindrical-type air filters utilize 65% of the carbon available by only filtering through the top section of the carbon filter, leaving the bottom section unused. Ultravent™’s innovative patented design allows reversal of the filter, benefitting of 100% of the carbon available and extending the units' life span. Manufactured with only the finest high porosity activated carbon, Ultravent™ effectively removes 99.5% of odors. Rated for a continuous worry-free operation and available in many different sizes and CFM ratings, Ultravent™ filter can be used for industrial, commercial or residential applications.

• Rubber gasket to ensure air tight fitting
• Twist lock Flange. No tools required
• Parts made of high impact resistant polycarbonate
• High quality galvanized steel
• High capacity pre-filter:
     - 20mm thickness
     - Low air resistance
     - Antibacterial
     - High capacity: 670g /m2
     - Flame retardant
• High porosity virgin extruded activated carbon 4mm. Specially designed to remove VOC. 66mm bed thickness
• Convenient elastic band easing installation of the pre-filter
• Twist lock end cap. No tools required

Part NumberRecommendedFlangeOutside DiameterHeightWeightCarbon Bed WidthRecommended FanPressure Drop at Max CFM
UltraVent™ 450ER-450@0.1 sec6"15.4"20" (50 cm)52.4 lbs2.6" (66 mm)V600 & S600180 pa/.75wg
UltraVent™ 650ER-650@0.1 sec6"15.4"30" (75 cm)730.0 lbs2.6" (66 mm)V600 -V800 & S600 & S800180 pa/.75wg
UltraVent™ 900ER-900@0.1 sec6" or 8"15.4"40" (100 cm)100.0 lbs2.6" (66 mm)V600 - V1000 & S600 - S1000180 pa/.75wg
UltraVent™ 1150ER-1150@0.1 sec8" or 10"15.4"50" (125 cm)124.6 lbs2.6" (66 mm)V600 & S600180 pa/.75wg
UltraVent™ 1300ER-1300@0.1 sec10" or 12"15.4"60" (150 cm)152.2 lb2.6" (66 mm)V1000 - V1200 & S1000180 pa/.75wg
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
20 20" H - UltraVent™ Air Filter
$ 0.00
30 30" H - UltraVent™ Air Filter
$ 0.00
40 40" H - UltraVent™ Air Filter
$ 0.00
50 50" H - UltraVent™ Air Filter
$ 0.00
60 60" H - UltraVent™ Air Filter
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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