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UltraVent™ is an effective and easily transportable air purification system for quick response specifically designed to treat toxic vapors, irritant and corrosive gases and other noxious odors in emergency, temporary or fixed situations which uses granular activated carbon to remove organic contaminants from an air stream. UltraVent™ system is easily portable and can be delivered and installed in hours at your facility or site.

• Metal drum with carbon
• Top mounted blower
• Start Switch with Internal thermal overload protection
• 15 Feet of SOW cable and standard plug
• Dolly with casters for ease of transportation

*Tubing not included

Part NumberMax FlowMotorDimensionsApprox. WeightBottom InletTop Outlet
CARB-1071001-45G170200 cfm @ 5" SP1/2 hp, 115V/1/6034" W x 23" H275 lbs2" FNPT4" O.D. Slip
CARB-1071001-85G310375 cfm1 hp, 115V/1/6040" W x 28" H400 lbs4" FNPT5" O.D. Slip
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
1/2 hp Motor - UltraVent™-OD 1/2 hp Motor - UltraVent™-OD
$ 0.00
1 hp Motor - UltraVent™-OD 1 hp Motor - UltraVent™-OD
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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