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The UltraSorber™ KOH-Carb™ is highly active coal based pelletized carbon impregnated with potassium hydroxide. The coal, based activated carbon is manufacture for vapor phase applications.

• Hydrogen sulfide removal capacity of 0.10 g/cc
• Impregnated with potassium hydroxide to target acidic gases
• Carbon tetrachloride activity of no less than 60%
• Sold in bags, drums, and super sacs

• Chemical processing
• Air stripper off-gas VOC removal
• Tank or sump air vents
• General HVAC units
• API separator vents

Contaminants Removed
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Sulfur Dioxide
• Nitrogen Oxide

Part NumberMeshCCI4DensityHardnessPressure Drop
KOH-Carb4 mm60%0.56-0.58 g/cc95%1.5 @ velocity 60 ft/ min-ins wg/ft
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
4 mm Mesh - UltraSorber™ KOH-Carb™ 4 mm Mesh - UltraSorber™ KOH-Carb™
$ 0.00
$ 0.00