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• Suitable for 2" diameter wells
• Designed for water sampling and purging
• Robust ABS and PBT plastic construction
• Low flow through “variable speed box” possible
• Suitable for batteries with a minimum capacity of 40A.h
• Pre-assembled kits with heavy gauge cable and alligator clips

• 12V purger pump with attached cable 
• Tube adapter

*Tubing Wa-5/8-LDPE-100 requires the adapter that is supplied with the pump
*Tubing WA-1/2-LDPE-100 does not require the adapter
*200 ft and 500 ft rolls of tubing also available

Part NumberWH-WP4012WH-WP6012WH-WP9012
ModelMini PurgerSuper PurgerMega Purger
Max. Pumping Depth40 ft (12 m)60 ft (18m)90 ft (27 m)
Dimensions1.4" O.D. x 5" L1.7" O.D. x 10.2" L1.7" O.D. x 15.4" L
Max. Flow Rate/Min11.8 LPM (3.1 GPM)13.1 LPM (3.5 GPM)10.8 LPM (2.9 GPM)
Port Size11/14 mm11/14 mm11/14 mm
Max. Power Consumption52.5 W96 W120 W
Voltage Range10V - 15V10V - 15V10V - 15V
Max. Current Draw3.5 A6.4 A8.0 A
Recommended Pumping DurationIntermittent use, running periods should be restricted to 15min. followed by a 5min. cool down period
Tubing Required

WA-5/8-LDPE-100 or 


WA-5/8-LDPE-100 or
WA-5/8-LDPE-100 or
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Mini Purger - Whale 12V Submersible Pumps
$ 0.00
Super Purger - Whale 12V Submersible Pumps
$ 0.00
Mega Purger - Whale 12V Submersible Pumps
$ 0.00
$ 0.00