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EASY TO USE - The lid can be unclamped in seconds. The vessels are finished in a high quality mirror polish which is easy to clean after use. The containers are supplied with a certificate of conformity confirming the grade of stainless steel, finish and BSE free.

QUALITY - These containers are made from high quality 316L stainless steel and finished to a quality mirror polish. All the welds are ground and polish smooth. They are ideal for almost all applications including GMP, food and chemical us

BIG CHOICE - Available in both 500ml and 1000ml sizes. Just part of our huge range of stock containers

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide

Part NumberCapacityDimensionsMaterial
SS-A566-011,000 mL130 mm O.D. x 107 mm H316L ss
SS-A566-022,000 mL130 mm O.D. x 182 mm H316L ss
SS-A566-055,000 mL180 mm O.D. x 255 mm H316L ss
SS-A566-1010,000 mL220 mm O.D. x 394 mm H316L ss
SS-A566-2020,000 mL305 mm O.D. x 394 mm H316L ss
SS-A566-2525,000 mL320 mm O.D. x 420 mm H316L ss




Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
1,000 mL - Clamp Container
$ 0.00
2,000 mL - Clamp Container
$ 0.00
5,000 mL - Clamp Container
$ 0.00
10,000 mL - Clamp Container
$ 0.00
20,000 mL - Clamp Container
$ 0.00
25,000 mL - Clamp Container
$ 0.00
$ 0.00