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RKI’s paper tape monitors utilize highly sensitive colorimetric tapes to
achieve interference free detection at low PPB and PPM levels of a wide
variety of gases. The FP-301 is equipped with an easily replaceable tape
that is highly specific to Arsine AsH3 and Hydrogen Selenide H2Se. This
model is equipped with a digital display showing the type of gas and
concentration in ppb. The FP-301 will also display remaining tape life as
well as an end of tape alarm.

The FP-301 has audible and visual alarms, as well as alarm relay contacts
and 4-20mA output. A unique “tape saver mode” extends tape life in
applications where high background gas levels may be present.

The FP-301 meets and exceeds OSHA and NIOSH compliance
requirements, and does not respond to interfering gases (hydrocarbons,
alcohols, solvents, CO, etc.) that may be present in industrial/
manufacturing environments. FP 301

• PPB detection for ArsineAsH3 and Hydrogen Selenide H2Se
• PPB or PPM digital display
• Easily transportable
• Panel mounting configuration available
• Cassette tape remainder display included
• Self-diagnostic functions
• Two alarm levels
• Interference – free detection
• Ideal for detecting new ACGIH’s TLV level for Arsine

• Detecting of uncaptured gas from scrubber
• Environmental monitroing for semiconductor fabs

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Default Title - FP-301 Arsine AsH3 and Hydrogen Selenide H2Se Detector Default Title - FP-301 Arsine AsH3 and Hydrogen Selenide H2Se Detector
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