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The model SP-220 is RKI’s latest product offering for leak detection of
combustible, toxic, freon and fumigation gases. The SP-220’s rugged, light
weight design and fast response time plus ease of operation will make
pinpointing hard-to-find, low concentration gas leaks a simple procedure.

The SP-220 type SC version uses a hot-wire semiconductor sensor (MOS) that
can detect a range of target gases including PH3, CH4, H2, HCL, ETO, HBr
and NH3. The SP-220 type FUM version also uses the same MOS sensor and
can detect fumigation gases including methyl bromide, sulfuryl fluoride and

An integral pump, LCD display with backlight, molded rubber cover, LED light
and weather protection (IP-55 rating) are some of the unique features of the
SP-220. Snap logging (128 readings) and data-logging (256 data points)
features allow for accurate record keeping and testing accountability. The SP-
220 also has the ability to zero out background gas to help identify if you are
getting closer to a leak source.


• Over 40 target gases to choose from
• Sensitivity and gas range automatically change based on selected
   target gas
• Compact, rugged, and easy to grip - weighs only 7.5 ounces
• Impact resistant rubber boot
• Easy to read LCD display includes: gas name, gas reading (digitally
  and graphically), operational indicators like battery, pump, pilot, and
• Resistant to silicone poisoning
• Silence gas alarms for discrete leak checking
• Snap logging records and saves to up to 128 readings
• Available with data logging function
• Built-in LED lighting for dark and confined spaces
• IP-55 Water-resistant / dust-proof design
• Continuous operation over 12 hours with 2 AA batteries
• Visual LED, vibration, and audible alarm types

• Compressed gas cylinders
• Gas cabinets
• Pipes and joints
• A/C unit freon leaks
• Hazmat teams
• Fire services

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