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This model is a highly sensitive C5F8 / C4F6 / or C3F6 gas monitor which
uses a special techniquie for detecting C5F8, C4F6 or C3F6. into more
readily detectable compounds.

Then, the resulting compounds cause a chemical reaction on a
colorimetric tape, and the intensity of the chemical reaction is analyzed
and correlated to a specific ppm level of C5F8, C4F6 or C3F6 present
in the sample. The detection tape is in a handy cassette which is easily
removed for periodic replacement.

• Ideal for monitoring semiconductor fab clean rooms
• Ideal for low gas concentration
• Minimal interference from solvents such as Fluorinert and Galden
• Easily replaceable plug-in tape cassette
• Cassette tape remainder display included

• Environmental Monitoring
• Semiconductor Fabs
• Manufacturing
• Detecting uncaptured gas from scrubber

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Default Title - High Sensitivity Toxic Gas Monitor for Octafluorocyclopentene, Perfluorobutadiene, or Hexafluoropropylene
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