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The RI-215 series of IR CO2 montitors are widely used in the
measurement and control of CO2 levels in a variety of applications
where CO2 monitoring or detection is required. A highly accurate,
RKI non-dispersive infrared absorption sensor is used to provide
direct measurements through diffusion or sample draw monitors,
and activate alarms or control ventilation systems based on preset
CO2 levels. Each model provides a digital readout in parts per
million of CO2 providing precise measurement and direct visual
indication of gas levels. A 4-20 mA output is provided to send a
signal to a fire panel or other PLC system and a relay is available to
trip an alarm or activate a ventilation system.


Three levels of measurement are provided: 0-2,000 ppm (ASHRAE
1969 IAQ max PEL), 0-5,000 ppm (leak detection of CO2 storage
tanks) 0-9,999 ppm, and 0-5%. The RI-215A runs on 24 VAC or 24
VDC and the RI-215D with sample drawing pump runs on 115 VAC
or 220 VAC. Each are designed for indoor use only and supplied
in a NEMA 12 enclosure that is easily accessible for calibration,
service, and continuous monitoring. RKI offers additional monitors
with higher measurement levels in portable or fixed installation
applications. Please contact an RKI authorized representative for
more information on other CO2 monitors available.


•Easy to read LCD digital display
•Compact, lightweight and easy installation
•Highly reliable non-dispersive infrared detection
•Recorder output signal
•Automatic control of ventilation systems
•Alarm contact output provided
•4-20 mA output provided
•Diffusion or sample draw versions available

Industry Applications
•Meets ASHRAE 1969 IAQ Standard of 2,000
ppm max PEL
•Detection of CO2 for NFPA 12 Regulations-CO2
storage tank leaks
•Green houses, wineries, breweries, food proces
sing, indoor air quality, and other industry

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