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• Simple to operate
• Long life air aspirator (no moving parts)
• Extreme sample temperatures
• One or two sensors
• Inside/outside location options
• Corrosion resistant construction for extreme environments / samples
• Uses proven RKI technology
• Modular design easy to maintain
• Self draining moisture trap
• Back flush for sample line
• NEMA 4X enclosure options (stainless steel or GRP)

Industry Applications
• Flammable, oxygen, or toxic monitoring
• Wastewater
• Drinking water plants
• Gas turbine monitoring flammable and CO
• Tunnel monitoring
• Landfill borehole analyses
• Printing press exhaust solvent recovery
• Winery CO2 / O2
• Biogas Methane
• Hydrogen Sulfide “H2S” scrubber break through

Single or dual sensor system is designed to monitor gas atmospheres
from extreme conditions with either temperature or pressure challenges. A
powerful air aspirator can pull a sample from up to 100 feet away. The filtered
and conditioned sample gas is then passed across one or two different
detectors. Each detector shares a common calibration and compressed
air inlet for aspirated flow. This system is fault tolerant removing the need
for expensive downtimes and maintenance. The sample is diluted with air
after gas sensor then returned to a common exhaust reducing the danger of
potential hazardous gases entering a safe work space.
System integrity is maintained at all times using a flow fail monitoring device
which provides an NO contact that activates if the sample line becomes
blocked or damaged or if the air supply is removed or interrupted.
The panel can be used with direct-connect (sensors connected to an RKI
controller), or with S, S2 Series, and M2A Series transmitters. All transmitters
have a 4-20 mA signal for direct connection to the site DCS, PLC or site control
system. If needed, RKI instruments can supply a dedicated Gas Detection
Control system to provide local alarms, 4-20 mA output with a wide range of
dry contacts, making the system very sophisticated and user friendly.
Integral sample filter included to remove water and dirt, automatic drain type.
RS485 Modbus output options available on the M2A transmitter.

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Default Title - Single / Dual Sensor Air Aspirator Default Title - Single / Dual Sensor Air Aspirator
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