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Easy to use
The Bump Test Station does require electrical power, providing complete
mobility and freedom to locate where needed. The easy to use Bump Test
Station performs a funtional test of the monitor for the gases connected.
* TLV® = Threshold Limit Values, STEL = Short Term Exposure Limit

Automatic calibration
The data from Bump Test Station can be transmitted to the optional Dräger
Mobile Printer/Interface via an IR interface. The Printer/Interface can
print and/or save the function test results for download to a PC database
using CC Vision software.

Reliable results
Simple to operate. Just connect the correct Dräger cal/bump gas cylinder
for the instrument being tested. The gas flows automatically when the
instrument is inserted into the test cradle and stops when it is removed.
The test provides a tested instrument and makes for a safe and confident

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